University of East London


London, UK


Endpoint UEL




  • Homes & Places
  • Strategy Setting

The Project:

KLH Sustainability provided sustainability support to Endpoint in their public space and placemaking design for the University of East London Campuses. Green infrastructure sits at the core of the sustainability approach of the UEL Campus design, which offers numerous benefits for people’s health and wellbeing. The design enhances the local microclimate, water management and biodiversity to create inviting outdoor spaces that are adaptable to the challenges of both current and future climate change. The selection of measures for reducing carbon emissions is not only best on their environmental impact, but also on the positive effects they have on individuals’ health and well-being. The ultimate objective of the sustainability approach is to establish a campus that is healthy, green, clean, low carbon, and resilient. The choice of materials adheres to circular economy principles. A robust, low embodied carbon hardscape and furnishing strategy that maximises the use of natural materials like stone, timber and cork.

Human centric design to create a connected university campus in which people can thrive and make sustainable choices.