Welcoming Sameera to the KLH team!

26 May 2021

By Sameera Issa

Welcoming Sameera to the KLH team!

Tell us a bit about your background?

I am a trained Architect with a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management. I am passionate about architecture, and always aim to integrate architecture with sustainability in a creative direction to respond to the climate emergency and socio-economic issues.

I have worked on a variety of projects including low energy, net zero and Passivhaus Designs. I was fortunate to be involved in the detail of these projects from design through to construction. These experiences opened my eyes to several encounters that can be solved in different ways.

Growing up in Romania made me build my desire for architecture. From a young age, I captured the images of different building styles, city planning and designs through sketches and photographs. After that, I decided to expand my knowledge in architecture, and visit some family members, So, I took a flight to Jordan and enrolled in an architecture design program that combined traditional architectural practice with the science and physics of buildings.

After a year of working as a project architect in Jordan, I decided to travel to London to complete a masters degree and undertook some freelance energy modelling work.

I enjoy challenges and intend to leave my own (low-carbon) mark on this planet, so I’m excited to be starting with KLH!

Where did you first hear about KLH Sustainability?

I was searching for opportunities and new ideas in sustainability and I visited the KLH website to find out more about the GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratory project. I started exploring the website and learned about other KLH projects, after seeing the range and the ambition of projects and clients KLH work with, I wanted to be part of the team. When I checked the careers page unfortunately there were no vacancies. So, imagine my surprise, after exactly one week, I was contacted by a recruiter who informed me that KLH was hiring. It felt rather serendipitous!

What made KLH Sustainability stand out for you to work for?

There are two main reasons that drew me to KLH; the KLH team members and their spirit of working together and supporting each other and secondly, KLH’s vision and mission.

The culture and the ambition of an organisation are important to me, and I felt that KLH aligned well with my skills, experiences, and personal motivations.

What is your current role at KLH Sustainability?

I have joined as a Sustainability Analyst. My unconventional background led me to this role. I will be implementing the skills I acquired in my previous experiences as an architect and sustainability Engineer.

How do you see yourself going forward within KLH Sustainability?

I always believe in growing within one company is more effective to make a change that this world needs. I am confident that KLH will provide me the platform I need in the industry to create positive change and support me in developing new ideas to deliver a better future.

What does sustainability mean to you?

I find it hard to describe sustainability in one word, it is more like a spectrum, a way of living or mindset.  We must live while keeping in mind that someone else will use this space after us. So, we cannot just destroy it or consume all of it. It is our responsibility to make the world greener and fairer.