We are looking for a Sustainability Advisor!

We are looking for a Sustainability Advisor!

KLH Sustainability is looking for a Sustainability Advisor to join their London-based team.

What KLH offer

  • -A collaborative work environment in a small, trusting, and supportive team formed of people from different backgrounds who come together in the ambition to make a positive change through our work.
  • -As an employee-owned business, all employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions on the direction and management of the business.
  • -£30,000 – 40,000 salary, depending on experience (based on a 37.5 hours working week).
  • -4% pension contribution based on a 5% personal contribution.
  • -Annual bonus opportunities in line with our Employee Benefit Trust status.
  • -We are proactive in our learning and encourage employees to take ownership of their professional development. We offer:
  • -Payment of a professional subscription such as IEMA or CIBSE.
  • -An internal mentorship programme.
  • -Up to 20 days a year for professional and personal growth including regular lunch-time CPDs.
  • -A transparent environment where salary and how to progress is not a secret!
  • -An opportunity to attend client meetings from day one, and the opportunity to take the lead on projects when you feel ready, with support from senior management.
  • -25 days annual leave (in addition to bank holidays) increasing by one day per year to a maximum of 28 days.
  • -Flexible working with a minimum of 3 days a week in the office (for a full-time position). Your core office working hours can be reviewed and agreed with your line manager depending on other life commitments you may have.
  • -Two weeks remote working allowance each year (i.e. away from the office and your usual home-working set-up). This is used by our employees to extend their stay at a holiday location or with family abroad, and facilitates travelling at non-peak times.
  • -We are open to explore part-time opportunities.
  • -We believe in the positive impact that we can have outside our direct project work and offer two days paid volunteering per year for employees to get involved in a cause that they want to give back to.

What KLH do

Our mission is to accelerate change by making sustainability accessible to all.

KLH Sustainability are sustainable construction and regeneration specialists. We support clients – developers, architects, contractors, and others – to take advantage of the opportunities sustainability presents in both the short and longer term. Our pragmatic, problem solving approach adds value across a programme’s lifecycle from strategy development through to implementation and legacy.

The scale of projects and the type of clients we work with is diverse; 1,500 zero carbon homes on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a circular economy strategy for one of the UK’s largest housing associations, the Earth’s favourite healthy drinks factory for Innocent Drinks, and a London development of ten lifecycle carbon neutral homes that pays back the embodied carbon of construction within 15 years of operation.

We are a small team who are fortunate to work on large projects, where our impact can be significant. We believe honest communication and a problem-solving approach is fundamental to building strong relationships and this is reflected in the number of repeat and long-term clients we have.

We are a dynamic team of professionals who believe in what we do. We consider diversity a critical factor in providing quality advice and solutions to our clients. The common thread that binds us is the values that each team member embodies:

Values white

Our business is committed to providing advice and making decisions that benefit the natural environment, local communities and our work force. We are currently awaiting our BCorp audit to validate our commitment and approach.

The ideal candidate

As a micro-enterprise our job roles and functions are not restricted to a fixed set of duties. Daily activities include diverse support on project work and all employees are encouraged to play a role in wider business management duties. There are a however few core requirements for this position:

  • -2-5 years’ experience working in a consultancy or practice related to sustainability and/or the wider construction industry. We would be particularly interested in hearing from you if you have experience in building services or structural engineering and are looking to focus your career towards sustainability.
  • -A broad understanding of sustainability, complimented by a specific area of technical expertise or specialist knowledge.
  • -Awareness of commercial constraints such as timeliness and cost.
  • -Good numerical and analytical skills to undertake technical analysis.
  • -An appreciation of the multitude of players in the built environment sector and how they interact.
  • -Good written skills, including clear and concise report writing.
  • -A willingness to initiate one on one conversations, with the capability to adapt your communication style to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • -Comfortable in delivering presentations and facilitating workshops – or a desire to develop this skill under the guidance of senior team members.
  • -An ability to work with autonomy and take initiative with approaching other team members for support and advice as required.
  • -A curious mind with a desire to explore ideas and learn new subject areas.
  • -An interest in supporting internal business activities and actively contribute our internal ‘working groups’ that aim to improve the efficiency of our work, and effectively manage our business growth.
  • -Proactive engagement with other KLHers. Offer support to meet deadlines or a chat over a cup of coffee, if someone looks like they need it!

We are looking for a human not a superhero. If you don’t embody all qualities listed above (yet), but they speak to you and you can relate to KLH’s mission, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How to apply

KLH Sustainability is an equal opportunities employer and we are actively seeking to expand the diversity of our small team. You must have the right to work in the UK. KLH cannot offer sponsorship to those without the right to work in the UK.

To apply, send a CV and 150 words explaining why you are interested to pursue a career in sustainability or indeed, what has led you to this career to admin@klhsustainability.com.

Deadline for applications is 25th March 2022, however we will be scheduling rolling interviews for interesting candidates, therefore you are encouraged to apply at your earliest convenience. Interviews can be held both remotely and in real life in our London office, depending on your preference.

Welcoming Sameera to the KLH team!

Welcoming Sameera to the KLH team!

Tell us a bit about your background?

I am a trained Architect with a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management. I am passionate about architecture, and always aim to integrate architecture with sustainability in a creative direction to respond to the climate emergency and socio-economic issues.

I have worked on a variety of projects including low energy, net zero and Passivhaus Designs. I was fortunate to be involved in the detail of these projects from design through to construction. These experiences opened my eyes to several encounters that can be solved in different ways.

Growing up in Romania made me build my desire for architecture. From a young age, I captured the images of different building styles, city planning and designs through sketches and photographs. After that, I decided to expand my knowledge in architecture, and visit some family members, So, I took a flight to Jordan and enrolled in an architecture design program that combined traditional architectural practice with the science and physics of buildings.

After a year of working as a project architect in Jordan, I decided to travel to London to complete a masters degree and undertook some freelance energy modelling work.

I enjoy challenges and intend to leave my own (low-carbon) mark on this planet, so I’m excited to be starting with KLH!

Where did you first hear about KLH Sustainability?

I was searching for opportunities and new ideas in sustainability and I visited the KLH website to find out more about the GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratory project. I started exploring the website and learned about other KLH projects, after seeing the range and the ambition of projects and clients KLH work with, I wanted to be part of the team. When I checked the careers page unfortunately there were no vacancies. So, imagine my surprise, after exactly one week, I was contacted by a recruiter who informed me that KLH was hiring. It felt rather serendipitous!

What made KLH Sustainability stand out for you to work for?

There are two main reasons that drew me to KLH; the KLH team members and their spirit of working together and supporting each other and secondly, KLH’s vision and mission.

The culture and the ambition of an organisation are important to me, and I felt that KLH aligned well with my skills, experiences, and personal motivations.

What is your current role at KLH Sustainability?

I have joined as a Sustainability Analyst. My unconventional background led me to this role. I will be implementing the skills I acquired in my previous experiences as an architect and sustainability Engineer.

How do you see yourself going forward within KLH Sustainability?

I always believe in growing within one company is more effective to make a change that this world needs. I am confident that KLH will provide me the platform I need in the industry to create positive change and support me in developing new ideas to deliver a better future.

What does sustainability mean to you?

I find it hard to describe sustainability in one word, it is more like a spectrum, a way of living or mindset.  We must live while keeping in mind that someone else will use this space after us. So, we cannot just destroy it or consume all of it. It is our responsibility to make the world greener and fairer.

Happy Earth Day 2021!

Happy Earth Day 2021!

At KLH, protecting and preserving our earth underpins our core values. We do everything we can to make sure we are putting the environment first and providing a sustainable future for our team, our clients and the planet! To celebrate Earth Day this year, we have each shared our memories of appreciation for the beautiful environment around us. 

“Crag Lough, Northumberland National Park, is where my old man took me trout fishing when I was a little boy.  A glacial lake, bordered by a sharp crag and Emperor Hadrian’s Roman wall, it is timeless, epic, and serene”. – Richard Pender

“Enjoying the absolute and newfound serenity of the top of Greenwich park at Earth Day 2020, with spectacular views to an unfamiliarly quiet Thames, the south London hills and the London skyline, no boats, planes or cars in sight, and just the sound of bird songs!” – Georgios Askounis

“Sitting on the concrete stoop at the little chalet, in the late spring sunshine, listening to the fields vibrate with insect life.  Their paradise is the multitude of wildflowers that bloom on the steep slopes. My paradise is knowing that they are still here.” – Kirsten Henson

“I was once lucky enough to spend a night on a boat in Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic. I had a wonderfully surreal experience of going for a night swim to discover the sea was full of bioluminescent phytoplankton. As if that wasn’t enough sparkles, the sky was full of fireflies and the milky way made an appearance. I often think of this moment and how lucky I am to have experienced it.” – Katie Margerum

Earth Day

“A sunset that will forever be ingrained in my memory was the amazing sunset on the Lake Titicaca after having visited the Islas de Uros, floating islands made of reeds inhabited by the indigenous Uru people”- William Butcher

Earth Day

“There is nothing more peaceful than looking out and seeing only nature – no cars, no buildings, no roads – and hear only birds singing and water flowing. The freshwater lakes of Canada will always remind me of my privileged to experience such beauty”. – Hayley Cornick

Earth Day

“The beauty of sunrises and sunsets at the beaches in Africa is something that brings me peace and joy” – Jacira Baro

Earth Day

“Floating on my back in the sea, seeing nothing but the sky above, with the sound of the sea drowning out all noise, whether external or internal.” – María Benjamínsdóttir

Earth Day

“I feel a sense of gratitude for all the birds that co-habit our cities, being the songs of the seasons and a reminder of beauty, (the gift of) music and playfulness. I can’t imagine how it would be without them, left only with the technological noise of our making in the air.” – Marietta Gontikaki