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The Project:

Urban & Civic have recently begun a journey to become a Net zero developer by 2030. Predominantly Urban & Civic are a large scale master developer, carrying out enabling infrastructure works for housebuilders to build on land on which Urban & Civic have been granted planning consent. In this context KLH reviewed the whole life carbon emissions associated with 38 volumetric modular homes delivered by Urban & Civic’s own housebuilding arm; Civic Living.
Despite public claims, the evidence base that volumetric modular approaches deliver carbon savings is thin. This study sought to process actual data to assess the veracity of these claims. Data was obtained from the volumetric supplier to assess the efficiency of the finalised home in operation as well as the carbon intensity of the materials used, and energy consumed in the manufacture, transport and installation of the product. This was then contrasted with similar data obtained for a comparable but traditionally constructed home elsewhere on the Houlton site. Both were contrasted against industry benchmarks for business as usual and necessary reductions to enable Net zero.