South Orsmby Estate


Lincolnshire, UK


Cragg Management



Size of Project:

3,000 acres


  • Homes & Places
  • Strategy Setting

The Project:

KLH developed a vision for a sustainable South Ormsby Estate, a rural estate of approximately 12 km2, located in the Lincolnshire Wolds. The Estate, like so many other rural estates in this country, is struggling to generate money which is leading to the rapid decline in some of its heritage assets and sites of nature conservation value. KLH is positively contributing to the transformation of South Ormsby through the creation of a comprehensive sustainability framework. The framework is shaped around three key objectives that drive the transition towards a world leading sustainable rural community:
Develop new farming practices that put ecosystem improvements at its heart.
Increase the standard of living on the Estate to create an inclusive community that respects elderly people, is affordable for the young and offers diverse, suitable, connected accommodation for entrepreneurs.
Support beneficial flows across the Estate boundary to increase the resilience of the community and ensure interventions on the Estate create a wider benefit to Lincolnshire.