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The Project:

KLH evaluated the sustainability impacts of using marine aggregates from The Crown Estate portfolio in construction projects. KLH, through research and industry consultation, developed a robust methodology for the assessment of sustainable sourcing and use of aggregates based around three criteria: local availability of aggregates, social impact of transportation, and carbon footprint.

The resulting assessment methodology was subsequently adopted by the BRE in BREEAM New Construction 2018 to replace the previous BREEAM Wst02 criteria for sustainable aggregates. Previously BREEAM simplified sustainable aggregate sourcing to a consideration of recycled/secondary aggregate use only. The new methodology encourages designers to engage earlier with industry supply chains to assess the availability of aggregates local to a project site and encourages the selection of aggregates and supply chain partners based on the three criteria identified above.

This initial project has led to additional research work associated with marine aggregate use in the UK construction industry including exploration of potential benefits of developing a number of mega-wharfs with asscociated distribution infrastructure for landed aggregates as well as a technical paper for specifying engineers that provides an insight in to how chlorides and other critical aspects associated with concrete durability are masnage by the concrete supply chain.

It's been great to work with Kirssten and the KLH team whilst they have provided us with analysis and insight into a range of mineral sustainability issues. Their extensive experience has been really useful in overcoming tricky challenges. Outcomes have positively impacted the business and its sustainability performance. as well as the reputation of the sector.

Ian Selby -The Crown Estate