On occasion, KLH Sustainability are fortunate to be asked to provide comment or content for an external publication.  A selection of these publications are available for public download and included here.


gs8 Announces plans for Carbon and Energy Positive, Zero Waste Residential Development

July 2020


GS8’s Orford Mews project is without a doubt one of KLH’s most ambitious projects in terms of sustainability. This residential development of nine dwellings and a commercial space situated in Walthamstow, received planning permission last month and is the first pilot scheme for GS8’s Carbon and Energy Positive, Zero Waste framework. The aim of this framework is straightforward – to build the most sustainable projects in the world!


As seen on Architect's Journal website! 


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Time for Action: A Manifesto For Change

April 2019


"There seems to be a growing consensus that we are running out of time in our fight against planetary destruction - oceans choked with plastics, toxic cities and ever-increasing carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere.


Amongst all of this, there is an increasing awareness that new disruptive business and economic models are required to create a paradigm shift. "



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London Business Matters: Sustainability can improve the environment and your business

November 2017


"When businesses think about sustainability, they often think of Corporate Social Responsibility, which may include staff volunteer days or recycling at the office. Sustainability, of course, is much bigger—meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of those in the future to do so. This is usually seen as the triple-bottom line: balancing people-planet-profit."


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London Business Matters LCCI magazine v2

The ENDS Report: A day in the life of a Graduate Sustainability Advisor

June 2017


"I quickly became drawn in by the depth of critical thinking sustainability demanded and chose to pursue this interest further in the built environment sector. An internship that led me to work closely with the sustainability assessment scheme BREEAM gave me confirmation that this was the area for me!"


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RosaShirm EndsReport v2 Carbon Neutral Laboratory Case Study

April 2017


"Designed for Nottingham University and built for engineering firm AECOM, the new GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry project is a world-first, earning the highest certifications under the BREEAM and LEED standards and driving impressive savings. KLH Sustainabilty acted as carbon management advisors on the project."





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HS2 Independent Design Panel Newsletter

January 2017

Kirsten Henson


"We are pleased to announce that two new sustainability experts have been invited to join the HS2 Independent Design Panel. It has been agreed that the panel should take on an expanded role, providing independent advice on sustainability. This will involve advising on issues such as carbon, the circular economy, and climate change resilience - in addition to sustainability aspects of stations and civil engineering structures. We are delighted that Kirsten Henson and Prof. Paul Leinster have agreed to be involved, strengthening the panel's expertise in this area of work."





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Pan European Networks - Government

August 2016

Kirsten Henson


"It is currently a turbulent time for Europe as a whole and the UK in particular. Investment in UK infrastructure and buildings faces considerable uncertainty and, even if the investment returns, without free movement of people providing critical skilled labour to an under-resourced industry, the UK may face further challenges.


KLH Sustainability believes that legislation does not impose a burden but is a key driver in stimulating industry transformation that would benefit society and the environment. The UK, until recently, had some of the most ambitious construction legislation in Europe."


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GovernmentNewsPENetworks v2

The Cambridge Engineer

September 2015

Kirsten Henson


"Studying Engineering at Cambridge helped me, as a young female engineer working in sustainability to gain respect on the construction site. I was often asked "What did you study?" closed followed by "Where?"  The combination of "Engineering" and "Cambridge"gave me a seat at the table.  It is an automatic validation of your skills."


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Construction Manager

February 2015

Kirsten Henson


"A carbon mandate for construction companies that focuses on reducing emissions generated through site activities would feel like a political statement, rather than a drive for real change. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills reports that operations on site account for only 1% of a building's lifecycle carbon footprint. There is a growing trend towards designand-build contracts and, as a result, principal contractors have signifi cant infl uence over a lot more than just the power used on site.


Manufacture of building products accounts for 15% of the building carbon footprint, and distribution a further 1%. Therefore, reducing the quantity of cement in concrete, challenging waste on site beyond the ubiquitous statements of waste reduction, optimisation of steelwork and careful selection of building products is the best way to deliver carbon saving."

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Water, Environment and Technology:

Spurring Stormwater Solutions

February 2015


“Abby Crisostomo presents her findings from the examination different types of programs across North America to encourage private property SuDS action. It appears that financial incentive programs may not be effective in encouraging the widespread adoption of SuDS and investments may be better spent on technical assistance, individual engagement, enhanced funding for public agencies and leveraging relationships with local third-party providers.”

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The 2014 Parliamentary Review: Environment

October 2014

KLH Sustainability is featured pages 24 to 26

KLH Sustainability were selected to represent the sustainability arena alongside David Cameron in the 2014 Parliamentary Review. The publication consists of a political commentary, summarising the year in the environment along with a look back at the events in Westminster. The commentary is written by several of the UK’s leading journalists including Mark Kinver (BBC's Environment correspondent) & Mark D’Arcy (The BBC’s Parliamentary correspondent).


The Parliamentary Review reflects on the biggest challenges of the past year with thought-provoking analysis and robust non-partisan commentary. The representatives selected are used as a model to their fellow peers within the given policy area.

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