Hanover Square


Westminster City Council is proposing to deliver a major public realm upgrade to Hanover Square and its Gardens. The aim is to recreate a well-designed public space fit for the arrival of the new Crossrail Station at its north-western corner which will respond to a major increase in pedestrian activity.


KLH Sustainability is assisting Publica in the design of this important public space. Through a series of workshops, KLH is providing technical guidance on the latest best practice for enhancing biodiversity, reducing embodied carbon, and effective rainwater storage in the design of small public spaces. In so doing, Hanover Square will form a crucial link in Westminster City Council’s network of green spaces, whose function is to deliver a range of climate change adaptation and quality of life benefits. KLH is also reviewing the materials selected by Publica to ensure that they are certified under the highest standards of responsible sourcing and endeavouring to demonstrate carbon neutrality over the project life-cycle.


The principle ambition is therefore not only to enhance the pedestrian experience of the square, but to set a new precedent for the environmentally sensitive design of small and medium-sized green spaces in London.


Westminster City Council





WSP Group


Time frame

2016-ongoing (2018 expected)