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Closing the loop at St. James’s Market

  Industry is increasingly aware that the traditional linear production system of manufacturing products, using them for a limited time and then discarding them is unsustainable. This type of system left unchecked can only lead to resource depletion and pollution.   It is a Read more ...

BIM – a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

In recent years Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become a synonym for our reliance on technology to resolve cross-disciplinary communication issues that have become inherent to the construction industry. While stakeholders are still debating BIM requirements and where the value Read more ...

Nature: an endless source of inspiration – how biomimicry can revolutionise how we think

Our relationship with nature is a complex one, oscillating between admiration and domination. Domesticate, cultivate, exploit or tame are probably the main interactions between humans and nature. Of course,  we’ve also used nature as a source of inspiration: the bucolic Read more ...