Challenging the way we design, procure, build and maintain our infrastructure and communities.


KLH Sustainability are sustainable construction and regeneration specialists. We support clients, developers and contractors to take advantage of the opportunities sustainability presents to business competitiveness in both the short and longer term. Our pragmatic, problem solving approach adds value across a programme’s lifecycle from strategy development through to implementation and legacy.

In-House Consultancy

At KLH Sustainability we match and place our consultants within client organisations to ensure sustainability becomes an integral part of the project or business. While we know that tools and processes are essential elements of delivering sustainable projects, ultimately success is about communication and collaboration. We aim to make sustainability simple and tangible by using familiar language and we provide businesses with the knowledge they need to think differently and empower their own people to champion a better built environment.

Bid Winning Sustainability

We revel in the challenge of developing bespoke strategies which respond to, and complement a client’s existing business approach rather than rolling out the generic programmes. It might take a little longer, but we have found it is the only way to impress informed clients. We would love to join your bid team, learn your culture, develop ideas and deliver a bid response that will differentiate you from the rest. So whether you a struggling with the environmental, social or community tender response, we can help.

Project Delivery

If you have a project at the planning, design or construction stage, we can support you to deliver a sustainable project. We ask pragmatic questions that challenge the norm. This unique approach allows us to influence the project processes and ethos, providing technical rigour that is grounded in extensive experience of delivering complex design and construction projects.
We apply the experience and raw data from each project and translate it into facts and quantities that everyone can understand. We are honest and open about the value, or otherwise, of sustainable solutions and ensure that a client invests their finances wisely.

Research Led Strategy

Our thinking is led by our desire to awaken a consciousness and understanding within the industry that results in greater awareness of the impacts of the built environment on their business, staff and local communities.
If you have an idea, a product or a project but you are not sure you understand the sustainability implications, we can help. We have a fantastic network of university and industry contacts that enable us to explore the barriers and benefits to the adoption of sustainable solutions.

Training & Facilitation

We are experienced trainers and facilitators. We can develop bespoke training programmes for your business, provide informal lunch and learn sessions or chair your conference. We can help you explore a range of broad subjects from technical sustainability analysis and tools, to leadership for change.
We openly share our research and experience with universities and industry forums as we believe that transparency and knowledge is the key to driving change.


“BSkyB have developed a first class collaborative relationship with KLH in recent years, enlisting their full-time assistance & guidance to ensure that as a responsible Client we continue to raise the bar in all aspects of sustainable development & construction. The KLH team are fully embedded within BSkyB and are very much an integral part of our team. KLH are hugely experienced, professional, committed and most importantly, personable…which of course is the key to developing such an effective long-term relationship as ours.”
– John Nicholson OBE – BskyB Programme Director

“KLH are just really clever people who keep sustainability at the heart of the project despite the pressures to marginalise it. They have an exceptional ability to design, articulate and deliver sustainable solutions that are bid winning, deliverable and extremely pragmatic. We love working with them as we know we are on to a winner.”
– Anne McNamara, Director, Shine Bid Management

“As I reflect upon 50 years spent working in this great industry it’s fascinating to look back at how social and environmental awareness and action have grown to the point that it is now inextricably a part of our working lives. I have worked with Kirsten Henson and KLH Sustainability for more than six years and I am grateful for their continuing support of Balfour Beatty as we develop those social and environmental strategies that are rightly demanded by our customers and wider society.”
– Stuart Fraser, Major Projects Director, Balfour Beatty

“KLH is an unusual company. Their environmental expertise is underpinned by a deep appreciation of the real and practical pressures facing construction projects. They are an asset on any team.”
– Alex Harvie, Director G&A Harvie

“Working alongside Kirsten and her team has been an amazing experience even for someone who has been around for as long as me. I love the innovative way they work and enjoy seeing their vision for change. Kirsten and Samantha are extremely supportive of the work we do at Barking and Dagenham College and I welcome Kirsten’s advice and guidance at every opportunity.”
– Bob Noseda, Employment and Skills, Barking and Dagenham College

Sustainable Green Infrastructure Conference

News highlights

Sustainable Green Infrastructure Conference, London

23 September 2014

On Thursday 23rd October 2014, Kirsten Henson, KLH Sustainability Director will provide the opening address and chair the Sustainable Green Infrastructure Conference at the British Library Conference Centre in London. The Conference will explore the links between green infrastructure, social capital and economic vitality. With a speaker list including thought leaders from the UK’s most prestigious research institutions, industry specialists and policy makers the event will no doubt spark some lively debate.

The event will combine the latest research with case studies from completed projects such as Nantes, the European Green Capital 2013 to inspire a fundamental change in the way we plan, design, develop and maintain our towns and cities
For more information and to book your place, visit

We look forward to seeing you there!

Open House = Open Books?

23 September 2014

This year Open House London once again welcomed visitors from all over the world. An eagerly anticipated event, KLH Sustainability joined hundreds of other people queuing up outside the likes of the Bank of England and Freemasons’ Hall. As with previous years over 200 doors opened to allow people to explore some of the most prestigious organisations, yet this year was different.
In the high spirits of post-recession boom, hosts were willingly sharing their struggles and discussing lessons learned. The sense of optimism was not darkened by uncertainty, instead it was reinforced by insight that together we are more likely to find a navigable course to a sustainable future. With a view to build on shared experience, participating organisations lifted the veil on their economic progress and new initiatives. Could this be the dawn of corporate transparency where willingness to admit shortcomings leads to a shared sense of responsibility over our growing ever smaller world?

We would not expect open doors to lead directly to open books, but the willingness to share knowledge in the name of sustainability by some of the biggest corporate players felt like a breath of fresh air.

Creating a Fair Working Environment

21 August 2014

Opportunity, inclusion and respect are critical to delivering a dynamic, innovative and flexible construction industry. KLH Sustainability are firm supporters of the diversity agenda and as a result Kirsten Henson, KLH Sustainability Director has been asked to join the Institute of Civil Engineers Equality and Diversity Panel. The Panel has been set up to tackle the difficult issues of progression and inclusion within the construction environment.
As both a membership organisation and an employer, ICE plays a crucial role in cultivating a construction industry free from unfair discrimination and harassment. Kirsten is keen to share experiences and develop clear solutions with fellow panel members to ensure the construction industry can attract and keep a wide range of people, which fairly represents the society in which we operate.


Please find below a list of some recent projects. For further information or a full list of our projects, please contact us.

BskyB Campus Masterplan

Client: BskyB
Architect: various
Size/scale: circa 175,000m2 GIA
Timeframe: 2013 - ongoing

KLH Sustainability initially supported BskyB in translating their strong corporate sustainability agenda into a strategy for their new campus development in Hounslow. We have subsequently developed design and construction tools and systems to monitor progress and record outcomes. We are an integral part of the team at BskyB and ensure the Corporate Sustainability Team, The Bigger Picture is kept abreast of all developments.

BskyB Campus Masterplan

St James’s Market

Client: Balfour Beatty
Architect: Make
Size/scale: Circa 32,000m2
Timeframe: 2013 - ongoing

KLH Sustainability pitched with Balfour Beatty to secure the construction of a prestigious new development by The Crown Estate in central London. We developed a philosophy of ‘closing the loop’ which appealed to The Crown Estate’s status as land owner and developer. We are now working alongside the project team to ensure the project exceeds the client’s sustainability aspirations.

St James’s Market

Network Rail Corporate Strategy

Client: Network Rail
Time frame: 2014

KLH Sustainability is providing specialist advice about sustainable materials, waste and water discharge management to Network Rail. We have been working alongside them at their Milton Keynes Headquarters for almost a year. We are enabling Network Rail to channel a more sustainable approach to resource management within their considerable supply chain and complex day-to-day operations.

Network Rail Corporate Strategy

BMW Showcase, London

Client: Nussli/BMW
Size/scale: 800m2 GIA
Timeframe: 2012

The BMW Showcase at the London Olympic Park was one of 5 sponsor showcases for which KLH sustainability provided sustainability advice. We supported contractors deliver against LOCOG’s challenging sustainability requirements. As a temporary installation the BMW was one of the most expensive on the Olympic Park but through our involvement the majority of the structural components were salvaged and relocated to provide a new classroom facility for a disabled school.

BMW Showcase, London


We are pleased to introduce our team and look forward to hearing from you..

KLH Team

Kirsten Henson

MEng Civil Engineering, University of Cambridge MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development, University of Cambridge 2013, Top 20 Women in Sustainable Architecture, Architects Journal 2012, Sustainability Practitioner of the Year, EDIE Sustainability Leaders Awards 2012, Top 20 Rising Sustainability Star, Building Magazine 2012, Young Consultant of the Year Finalist, ACE/ICE

Samantha Connolly

MSc Environmental Technology, Imperial College London BSc Applied Environmental Science, King's College London CEnv Chartered Environmentalist MIEMA Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment 2012, Top 20 Rising Sustainability Star, Building Magazine

Chloé Souque

MSc Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Université Technologique de Troyes, France MA Project Management, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, France - Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy BA Languages applied to Business and International Relations, Université de Savoie, France - Syddansk Universitet, Denmark – MSSU, Missouri USA IEMA Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

Kristina Arsenievich

BEng Civil Engineering, University of Brighton BArch Part 1 Architecture, University of Brighton

Company Recognition

2014 Shortlisted Small Business of the Year at Business Green Leaders Awards