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Translating climate solutions for everyday lives

Big news in the climate change world recently! With the EU and India signing on last week, 74 parties to the Paris Agreement (and counting) representing an estimated 58.82% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the agreement. Read more ...

The Overlooked Secret of Off-Site Fabrication

Off-site manufacture, pre-fabrication, modular construction, whatever it is called it has been heralded as a win:win:win solution for construction. Through the provision of cost effective building elements and units, which require fewer deliveries to site and offers a better finish Read more ...

KLH Sustainability Welcomes Tercia Jansen van Vuuren to the team

Tell us a bit about your background?I grew up in a small town in South Africa where I learned to love nature and the outdoors. I studied civil engineering at the University of Pretoria and worked in the field of Read more ...